These are the various terms You have to come into agreement with as a user on One Market. This is done so we respect guidelines and also put Customer’s interest first on One Market. Please if You have any problem with any of these policies, feel free to Contact us here.

About Us


Terms of Use

One Market is a platform that is accessible to everyone, with no regard to who you are and what you do. These terms are put in place to ensure a good communication link for Vendors and Customers.


One Market’s policies are what ensure that the platform works in good conditions and cordiality. Please make sure you read the Policies which concern you below


Our Vendors are verified, so be rest assured they are trusted and secured. However, some terms have been emplaced to ensure cordiality

  • No tolerance is given to influencing reviews and ratings of your stores and products. Reviews and ratings have to be given by honest customers
  • Bringing down the ratings or reviews of another Vendor or product is not accepted
  • Products sold have to be in good condition, as checks will be made before getting it to the Customer.
  • Payments are carried out only on One Market’s platform for security and accountability, Vendors are expected not to by-pass this.


Customers who are our first priority also have some terms we will like them to come into agreement with.

  • For your security and our accountability, all payments are carried out on One Market’s platform. This goes a long way to make refunds easy and also tracing faults. One Market is not liable for refunds or accountability for purchases not made on the platform.
  • Intolerance is given to Customers who unjustly influence reviews of Vendors or products positively or negatively.
  • Your order information such as name, location, and contact info, is shown only on our servers and Vendors don’t have access to it for privacy reasons.
  • Misbehaving Vendors can be reported to One Market to be sorted out, and this holds also for Customers who can get restricted.
  • Refunds:

    They can be made by Customers regarding certain situations and after necessary conditions have been met. Customers are free to ask for refunds, this will be after specific obligations have not been met by the seller or our platform. Some of these obligations are listed below

    • Mishandling of customer’s order and damage
    • Item delivered doesn’t match what is showcased
    • Unexpectedly and failing delivery of an order
    • Guarantee feedback warrants by Vendor

    Note: One Market strictly forbids “Back door negotiations” and will not be held accountable for transactions not carried out on our platform. All refund requests will be investigated thoroughly to verify who is at fault. To ensure that security standards are met, deliveries are being carried out by One Market.

Fair Use

One Market in a bid to prevent copyright infringement and fair use requests documentation and confirmations on songs and ebooks uploaded to Our platform. We have gone the extra mile to ensure all songs and ebooks here are sold by authorized distributors. However, One Market is not liable for copyrighted material and this can rightly be settled in a law court by the individuals concerned, that is, the original author and the plagiarizer.

Restricted Products

The products sold by Vendors have to be in compliance with local laws put in place. These are some of the products One Market forbids Vendors from selling unless an authoritative pass is given to them;

  • Cannabis
  • Intoxicants
  • Illegal medications and drugs
  • Trafficked, Forged, and Fraudulent  items
  • Restricted drugs such as Cocaine, Heroine, etc
  • Stolen items
  • Harmful toys and weapons
  • Ammunitions such as guns

Legal action may be taken against Vendors who try to by-pass this by individuals or the state. One Market is not liable for this type of injunctions


With the emergence of quick payment system and services, we have also taken this up and introduced online payment systems where Customers can pay for goods online with mobile money all over Cameroon in areas that we cover (This is done to partially solve the problem of payment balances with limited coins over cash and also for quick payment methods) Payments can either be done online or physically with the Cash on delivery option. With systems we have put in place, payment is done at intervals which allows for; refunds be made to customers on specific terms and obligations concerning their orders.


We take full charge of the transportation and conveyance of items from Vendors (Seller) to Customers. This is to relieve stress from the Vendors as we are out to bring in innovation and also to ensure security on returns, payment, and fraud. We are out to make sure our customers get what they ordered and on time to where it has to be delivered. Using our courier system in collaboration with other courier services are out to ensure efficient and on-time deliveries.

Security and control

To protect both customers and Sellers (Vendors) specific security measures have been taken into consideration.

  • After an item has been paid for online, the vendor will receive his payment after the delivery has been processed and completed. This is done to avoid a customer paying for an item that ends up not being delivered
  • Seller’s (Vendor’s) information and details have been registered in our system which makes it easy to contact and demand information from them. They have provided us with personal details and we have affirmed that they sell what they showcase. This makes us easily see into a refund or mismanaged cases
  • Payments online are done through a secure Gateway which is accessible to every Mobile Money account holder (MTN and ORANGE inclusive). If information about confirmation of payment is not the same as your order information, feel free to contact us
  • Each customer is optionally entitled to an account. Where he can manage what he/she buys and your data stored with us to ease delivery and payment processes
  • Verified Sellers (Vendors) are vendors that have been legally authorized by the government to operate as retailers and businesses.
  • Customers are in the position of leaving feedbacks (reviews, comments, and ratings) of a Seller (Vendor) or the item he sells. These are to give more positive grounds to that Seller (Vendor). Also, customers are free to report specific sellers or products which they seem fraudulent and go against our Product/Vendor Policy. After an account is reported the first time, it becomes suspended temporarily until consultancy has been done with One Market. But if a Seller’s (Vendor’s) account gets reported 3 times and after investigations prove true, that account gets banned Permanently

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