One Market also looks forward to working in collaboration with Brands and businesses without distorting our eCommerce function. Partnered brands can come in with advertisement partnerships with One Market, where we get to expose Your brand or other partnerships. You partnering as a brand will give some exposure to Your brand by Our vast number of visitors by strategically displaying Your trademarks on pages or platforms that do not inconvenience Our shoppers and Vendors.

To be among the promoted brands shown on our platform certain important requirements must be met

  • The Brand/Business itself is not an e-commerce platform or business. It can range from blogs, fashion brands,  manufacturing brands, entertainment brands to music brands. We DO NOT promote any brands involved in E-commerce activities of any sort, except if they are career brands offering career services.
  • The link to their websites or platform MUST NOT carry out any form of E-commerce activities of any sort or kind. The links must strictly be exposure to their activities and platforms. It could be a website, blog, or social media page (which does not carry out E-commerce activities).
  • Business/Commerce platforms are not promoted on One Market for our Vendor’s priority. We always update and revise our platform, and if we discover a link we promote serves as a business or E-commerce brand/business, it will be silently taken down bringing an end to the Partnership agreement.

After submitting the form below we will reach out to You with details on the impositions and requirements to get listed

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    One Market also looks forward to working with everyone who looks forward to making this platform very accessible and easy to use. That is what our One Partner partnership programs allow. One Market is a growing E-commerce and there are a lot of places we need to cover. Our Partners are those who will work with Us in making sure our expectancy is met.

    As a Partner, there are some items that One Market will have to give you to brand and advertise yourself as a One Partner.

    To partner with us as a One Partner, some few requirements have to be met up with by anyone who wants to be a One partner to make sure we get the best of people to work with us.

    Are you someone who;

    • Is honest and truthful?
    • Can take tasks and accomplish them easily?
    • Can handle delivery from one location to another?
    • Lives in any of the locations we function across Cameroon?
    • Has a high following and influence on Social Media and its platforms?

    If you fit into any of these requirements, One Market invites you to its One Partner Program which will make you a contributor to the value of One Market. After filling the form below, we will get to You from Your contact info provided.

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